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stone bridge pizza and salad

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At Stone Bridge Pizza & Salad we believe in farm fresh, locally sourced, all-natural food, grown using the latest sustainable farming techniques.  That’s why we offer farm-to-table artisanal pizzas and salads made with the finest ingredients, many of them grown locally at our very own Stone Bridge Farm, in Schuylerville NY, where we use state-of-the-art hydroponic technology, good for the environment and good for you.  The ingredients we don’t produce, are sourced from the finest suppliers, always striving to find the best all-natural local products when possible.


We believe that “comfort food” and “healthy food” do not have to be two different things. We believe that the only label that matters is “good food”.  Good food nourishes your body and it nourishes your soul. Good food is made with wholesome, all natural and ultra-fresh ingredients. Good food is expertly prepared by people who know how to bring out the best in those ingredients to create aromas, textures and flavors that engage all our senses.

Stone Bridge Pizza & Salad is in the business of bringing joy, delight and good health to our guests. We aim to achieve this by placing guest experience at the top of our goals. A good guest experience is at the core of our mission, our purpose and our business as a whole.



We know that serving good food is not enough, unless it is served by people who care and understand that the purpose of good food is to bring joy and good health to those who enjoy it. In order to achieve our goals and fulfill our vision, we have a team that:

• Believes in our values and purpose

• Ensures that our food is handled stored, prepared, cooked and served with the utmost care and cleanliness

• Is treated with respect and kindness

• Is appreciated and feels valued

• Cares deeply about what we serve and how we serve our guests

• Places guest experience at the top of their priority list

• Has assignments and responsibilities that engage and develop individual skills and personal growth